Signs The Recession Has Affected You

  1. You’re pushing a full shopping cart and you’re miles from any store.
  2. Your clothes haven’t been washed in so long, your jeans crunch when you walk
  3. Your stomach grumbles when you smell cat food
  4. The park bench doesn’t seem all that uncomfortable anymore.
  5. The supermarket’s clearance cooler is tempting you towards the sale on graying meat
  6. You’ve stopped making jokes about Big-Lots.
  7. Your tires are bald… on your new house
  8. You’ve switched from Reynolds Wrap to the no-frills brand of aluminum foil… for  your TV antenna
  9. You’re finding new and exciting uses for duct tape, some of them medical
  10. You’ve switched back to AOL dial-up for 20 hours of monthly internet use


Signs The Recession Has Affected You

Snapshot of the Ant's Rants Financial Investment Portfolio

3 Responses to Signs The Recession Has Affected You

  1. Angela says:

    As I am not feeding the fam Jello just yet for dinner, I have to say I am fucking thanking my lucky stars my kids love ramen noodles and plain spaghetti… LOL.. This had me rollin.. Bald tires……..on your home.. Hahahahaah

    • antsrants says:

      Mixing a can of Purina into the pasta is a tasty and cost-effective way to prepare a meal for all fam members and pets at the same time. Just trying to help.

  2. vinnysalmeri says:

    Funny stuff. Here’s one”

    The farting of last nights Chinese food is actually starting to smell edible.

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