Photo Phunk: News We’d Rather Not Know About…

August 4, 2013

zimmerman gay_pope RoyalBaby

Photo Phunk: Bongs, Taxes and the Alaskan Killing Machine

December 13, 2010

She's talentless and she knows it, let her cope with it any way she can.

Sorry Wes, this isn't just one of your bad movies. You fucked up for real.

Apparently, Captain Kirk still has an appetite for acting... and everything else.

Sarah will kill you too, if you challenge her belief system.

Photo Phunk: Rocks, Condoms and Balloons!

November 22, 2010

I sure hope her climbing cables were made in China by overtired, angry, underpaid workers

This holy roller doesn't want other clergy members cutting in on his action

An all too rare showing of sanity from a religious institution.

Guys with girl's names always seem obsessed with world domination.

I think I'd prefer an MRI at check-in.

Photo Phunk: Silicone, Satan, Oil & More!

September 28, 2010

Brett Michaels

Eighties poser sells his left one to the man downstairs.

Olsen Twins

Skeletal celeb-u-nots begging for roles, but instead get offered rolls.

BP oil

BP thinks Tidy Cat and Oxy Pimple Pads will clean up their mess.

Ashton Kutcher

There's nothing like a fresh cup of silicone first thing in the morning.


Blockbuster takes one in the ass from NetFlix.

Photo Phunk: Guns, Poses and The New Stooges

September 5, 2010

Photo Phunk: Drugs, Elitism, Hate and More!

August 29, 2010

Bush Visits Katrina

Michelle Obama takes a much deserved vacation

Glenn Beck reveals his true self.

Paris in the Slammer

Sarah Sucks At Jeopardy