Online Dating Screen-Names to Avoid, Avert, Reject and Repel

July 8, 2017

Online Dating NamesThey say the best things in life are free. Perhaps, but very few would say that’s the case when it comes to online dating sites. In no other corner of the universe will you find such a concentrated pool of failed abortions as you’ll find on websites such as OkStupid and Plenty of Flesh. Of course, that isn’t to say that everyone that’s dipped their toe in those murky waters would make a great psychological case study. It’s just that quality isn’t the norm. There’s surely dozens of non issue-laden people that were simply misguided or ill-advised about joining the ranks of the disappointed. But, the fact remains that it’s the unadulterated insaniacs that make the most lasting impression. Sure, we’ve all heard the stories about dates looking like bloated, ill and antiquated versions of their profile picture. But, the right person could totally rock the decrepit look. What about the wrong kind of weird, though? Drama that borders performance art. Bodily noise orchestrations. Mental midgetry. Hygiene not witnessed since the Pre-Ivory Age. Not your thing, you say? Perhaps, the simplest safeguard against these encounters is to examine the potential dates’ screen name for Freudian slips. The truths revealed might not be pleasant ones but they can certainly wave a few flags so long as you’re open to seeing them. A recent survey reveals the most transparent and all-around worst screen names found on free dating sites. The survey was taken as part of the Equal America program at the Institute of Middle Class White Men. The data was collected among a broad ranging group of middle class white men.

Online Dating Screen-Names to Avoid, Avert, Reject and Repel



Gene Simmons Sues Ken Doll Over Man-Bun

June 30, 2017

genesimmons vs kenRock relic, Gene Simmons is suing the latest incarnation of boy toy, Ken, for essentially stealing attention away from him. Ken Mattel is most famous for being Barbie’s long-time sperm donor. The Revlon-faced rocker is accusing Ken of capitalizing on the publicity garnered by his donning of the man bun hairstyle.

Ken’s hairdo is just one of several changes recently made to his famous form. The once buff and blue-eyed adonis now boasts a beer belly, loose bowels and a hell of a drinking problem. Most noticeable though, of course, is his man bun. In essence, Ken has a strange fibrous bundle parked atop his noggin for no real purpose other than to make people gawk and point. Not only is the hair style a major stylistic change for this heralded slice of Americana but a sure sign that human beings are slowly morphing in to a single gender with mixed genitalia. Accuser, Simmons has applied for a trademark on the very same hairball that continues to get stapled to his thick head before performances. The demon of dip-shits has also filed a suit against Ken himself for allowing people with no apparent purpose in life to gawk and point at his choice in hairstyles. The God of Thunder & Ego states “Hey, if you want to be the man, you have to pay the man. I created the man-bun when I was a kid. It was the only way to keep my hair dry when washing my Mom’s makeup off my face. I was the first one. The ancient Japanese Samurai got half their look from me. They’ll be named in a separate suit, by the way.” Hairstorians note that the phrase itself, “man bun” didn’t exist at the time of Simmons’ career. Instead, fans and detractors alike just assumed a wayward Tribble had escaped from the set of Star Trek and was nesting on high.

Upon hearing of the court filings, Ken Mattel replied “Fuck him. His action figure sucked and I have the video to prove it. That’s right. Gene’s just mad because I never age and he looks like shit. What is that pizza dough hanging off his face? He must be buying his wigs off the rack these days, too. Oh, and that tongue ain’t all that, either, I can tell you that.” Ken purports that Simmons has had a personal vendetta against him for decades. “Look, Gene fancies himself a ladies man. He’s always wanted to nail Barbie but she wouldn’t have it. Not once. She’s a classy chick, only digs cut plastic like mine. Not that weird kabuki shit. Man, that guy probably has more plastic on him than me and Barbie put together.”

Celebrity follicle expert, Harry Knowital doesn’t think the filings will even make it to court “Look, I get it. There’s a similarity if you compare silhouettes. Ultimately though, Gene wore a stubby little faux ponytail to cover his burgeoning bald spot like how a normal guy would just wear a hat. It’s been a clip-on since day one. Ken’s new hair is more complex. There’s twists, turns and possibly more than one rubber band. We’re still studying it but it we know it has a unique structure. Since it’s not the same thing, I’d say the only man bun Gene can lay claim to is Paul Stanley’s. There’s just no case. Never was. But we said his name, so he won and that’s that.” Ken reacted boldly to further questions about the lawsuit “Look, do I get paid for this interview or what? Barbie kicked me out of the Dreamhouse and nobody will even talk to me with this ridiculous wad on my head. This sucks. I can’t believe I actually miss her shapeless, monochromatic body. Oh, and I heard Gene has a stubby little fake one.”

The KISS founder has remained steadfast in his claims, even doubling down, “Ken would never have existed without KISS. None of you would. You’re all just thoughts in my head I’m choosing to think about right now.” Simmons has since responded to detractors by filing legal ownership claims on middle fingers, farting and masturbation.

Star Wars Secrets and Spoilers… oh, my!

December 16, 2015


10. Imperial Walker previously thought to be gender non-specific gets caught taping giant iron balls up its ass.

9. In light of recent misplaced xenophobic violence, Tusken Raiders ask to no longer be called Sand People.

8. Harrison Ford’s character gets caught in the cantina bathroom giving himself a Hand Solo.

7. Epic battle between Droids and iPhones will finally get resolved.

6. Karma Foods pulls new Boba Fett popsicles off the shelf due to bad taste…

5. Luke finally accepts that the “Dark Side of the Force” does NOT refer to his child-wood for Lt. Uhura of Star Trek.

4. Returning actors inspire new tagline “May the FloMax Pee Through You.”

3. Chewbacca wears hair extensions made from endangered space-ies.

2. Darth Vader’s helmet modeled after James Earl Jones’ wang tip.

1. Yoda uses the Force to finally extract Frank Oz’s hand from his ass.

Random Secrets Recently Tweeted by Edward Snowden

November 13, 2015

Edward "The Squealer" Snowden

10. The Pentagon was originally planned as The Octagon but a group of congressmen snorted, drank and corn-holed the money needed to build the other three walls

With the exception of the ugly states, the NSA has a peephole drilled into every public Ladies Room in America

Washington marketing geek created the ISIS name as an homage to his childhood fantasies watching the Shazam/Isis Hour on Saturday mornings

Weird loophole in Obamacare allows registered democrats to conduct and enforce mandatory proctology exams twice a year

Working undercover as a comedian, Bill Cosby spent decades as a government agent testing new recreational rape drugs for the White House staff

New Star Wars movie will feature a risqué sex scene between a drunken Wookie, two gay Jawas and a horny black droid.

U.S. government privately scolded Pope Francis for promoting love, acceptance and common sense stating that it’s “bad for business and threatens to undermine the American way of making the government rich.”

The secret ingredient in Bud Light Lime is urine

Hillary will wear make-up over her tramp stamp during the bikini portion of the next democratic debate

Amazon delivery drone had robot sex with your Mom last night

City Beer Vendors Bemoan the Demise of Concert Drum Solos

October 31, 2015

drummer soloFor decades, the rock concert drum solo has meant booming sales for beverage vendors and busy nights for lavatory mop-men. Rather than snooze through twenty minutes of inane, percussive pitter-patter, a large percentage of restless concert goers would wander towards the concessions area with two things on their minds, draining their kidneys and immediately refilling them. This has historically meant big business for the sellers of beerish beverages and cancer-friendly soft drinks. But, as attention spans shorten and sequencers become our insipid robotic rock stars, little space is left to showcase the talents of rock ‘n roll’s C-student.

Although the exact cause of this decline in artistic grandstanding and pud-pulling is still being debated, the powers that be are focusing on its economic impact. Yes, even sonic torture coupled with constipated facial expressions has a price tag on it. A veteran vendor of piss-grade beer who spoke to us on the condition of anonymity due to embarrassment over his employer said “I’ve been selling beer for Schitz for over four decades so I’ve seen it all. The Iron Butterfly days were the best. I mean, nobody wants to lose their buzz sitting still listening to that Tarzan shit. From the beer stand it sounds like a bunch of heifers stomping on fire ants upstairs. So, all them people would come running to me and to fill up on Schitz. I felt like a rock star myself in those days with all these people yelling for my attention. It was like I had the power or something. These days, nobody buys beer once the concert starts. It’s crazy. I don’t know, maybe they don’t want to miss anything because nothing is worth missing anymore. That or people are trying to be healthy these days and that’s bad for business. Selfish pricks. Whatever. Point is, I used to make a helluva lot of money selling beer. Well, not me personally. I still make minimum wage, but yeah, I used to sell a lot of beer. These days I do a lot of busy work. Wiping things down, stacking cups, pulling cups out of the trash, rinsing cups, recycling cups. Stuff like that.” The unnamed veteran of two thousand concerts has not yet gotten a response to the transfer he put in for in 1979.

The downturn in masturbatory, self-indulgent skin beating has clearly created a ripple effect across the American marketplace. In fact, the beverage industry is only the first in line to feel the financial fallout. Annual income reports from P-Gon, the world’s largest manufacturer of urinal cakes practically mirror the beverage sales dip. The parallel makes sense as most processed beverages are formulated to wreck havoc upon the body’s normal excretory processes resulting in spastic over-activity, gradual ersosion and a side dish of stank. Jorge Elstereotypo has worked as a restroom attendant at various concert venues since 1983, “Mang, I used to install new cakes like three times a night in every pot back in the days of The Grateful Dead. Ha, ha. Those two drummer bands were mucho bueno for this business and all us Pee Guys. Throw in a hippie slapping bongos and el pooper would become shower of gold to me. I know some people just come in to fix hair or snort borax but they always figure they pee anyway. Remember, it’s always good to wring out the kidneys.
Remember, I tell you this.” Acknowledging the change since those days of yellow gravy, Elstereotypo added “Last few years, boss-man just gives me night off for some concerts and have me come in early next night to install cakes and mop up after the missers. Man, people can miss… the mirror isn’t even on the same wall as the urinals. But yeah, I’m down to using only 2 new mop-heads every night. You know, people think this is an idiot’s job but you really need to study the flush pattern to understand good cake installation and set-up. Those things don’t line themselves up, you know. You can’t just throw them in there and hope the water doesn’t miss them.”

Even the personal injury industry has suffered from the fading of the drummer’s spotlight. Since many fans used to pour at least 3-4 beers down their gullet during an average prog-rock drum solo, they haven’t been nearly drunk enough of late to cause as many deadly accidents as encouraged by the legal industry. Even health services have seen a decrease in failing biology and crumbling body parts. Their profits have dropped right along with the sales of the tanker-sized Pepsi products that used to be sold mid-show as Stick Men attempted to prove their importance to other band members. Forty nine year old, Ian Deciwatz is a lifelong fan of live music that can attest to the fact that things have changed “It really does suck. I mean, I like to see a guy smacking his penis against a snare drum as fireworks go off behind him as much as the next guy but the point is, I used to count on that break about fifty minutes into a concert so I could slam some warm piss and go to the bathroom. These days you don’t get that chance, anymore. It’s not fair to the fans and it’s especially not fair to the corporations.”

According to a recent survey, record numbers of cowbell-drivers are currently in therapy and receiving treatment for depression. It would seem that those few minutes alone on stage each night really meant a lot to them despite them being the least recognizable member in any band ever. Music supply retailers are reporting record returns on drum risers, giant rotating turntables and exploding gongs. No drummers were available for comment as they were likely in retreat to reevaluate the practicality of their chosen career paths.

Open Letter to the Guy with the Chain on his Pants

August 30, 2015

wallet chainDear Tough Guy,

I couldn’t help but notice that clunky length of hardware you have bouncing off your hip connecting your trousers to your pocket hole. I have to ask, is that chain an ill-advised fashion statement? A half-ass security measure? Is it part of some advanced underwear security system? Is it a wedgie-blocker?? Some type of jock lock-up? Well, don’t flatter yourself my friend. And for the record, I only ask to be educated.

In all fairness, I know nothing about you link-slingers on an intimate level. You might all be absolutely awesome people but then again it’s just as likely that you’re all total tool bags. It’s just the law of averages, nothing personal. All the more reason, though to speculate as to the purpose of your linkage. And so in my quest for knowledge I find myself wondering if you somehow thought stringing a lamp chain around yourself like garland on a Christmas tree would make you look rougher and tougher than nature intended. Is that it? Is it? Is the terrier tether part of some muscle-headed, jizz-fueled muscular makeover? Of course. That’s it. Because there’s nothing like chains strong enough to restrain a diarrheic Labradoodle to really ramp up the cut of a marshmallow physique. Face it, Brutus. That chain is about as manly an accessory as a furry pink coin purse made from a flamingo’s ball bag. And I say this as someone that considers sleeves a luxury item. In my world, hats and underwear are interchangeable garments. And even so, I wouldn’t sport a chain. But if it’s style you want, I say go full bore and match up some elephant chain suspenders with a few iron ingots for your teeth and a solid steel neck medallion the size of a hubcap. Tell your chiropractor I said hello. Hell, you can dip your testes in molten metal while scratching your ‘roids with a crowbar for all I care. The important thing is that you’re happy… and stylish.

I realize that a lot of you leash junkies live in rural areas which leads me to wonder why anybody living outside of a bustling city would be so concerned with crime that they felt compelled to chain up their velcro wallet as if it were their seatless unicycle parked outside the mini-mart/gun club. After all, it doesn’t seem likely that Bambi’s descendents are going to run out of the woods with AKs wearing antler hoods just to grab your cobwebbed ass-purse and run with it into the headlights of an oncoming truck. It doesn’t add up. The padlocked pocket theory simply doesn’t work. Even in the unlikely event that your wallet DID get grabbed by some greasy gonad gunning for your unused library card, the chain is probably gonna rip right off of your pants anyway as the dude waves good-bye like an Olympian unsprung. Think about it. The chain is anchored to a belt loop made of mystery material that was sewed on by tiny brown, underage fingers in a country where human dignity has the believability rating of the Great fucking Pumpkin. Even those fancy pleather belts you Wal-Martians wear would probably bust right through those flimsy loops once you’ve parked your tookus at the Chinese buffet for a few hours inhaling deep-fried missing pets. What kind of security is that? I suggest slipping the chain into your drawers and wrapping it around a deeply rooted appendage. Maybe, an attempted robbery can turn into a cheap thrill for somebody.

Of course, I also know that wallets could easily slip through a frazzled denim hole and disappear into the Phantom Zone forever. These things do happen and I’m sure the astronomical cost of needle and thread coupled with the need of a sewing degree makes this obstacle practically insurmountable. Just a crazy idea I’m throwing out here but maybe your pants need to be retired once they develop aftermarket windows in the pockets. Again, this is a view from the cheap seats. I’m just trying to understand your wisdom.

Now, I would never assume that you were all ex-cons but if I did I would probably apply the theory that you all learned in the hoosegow, never to bend over. Capital idea. So, maybe the wallet chain was invented by the same guy that created Soap-On-A-Rope to keep straight men vertical. Brilliant, but wouldn’t a bungee cord work better? At least, it would spring the wallet back up to pocket level. By the way, what is your Lowe’s value per foot, anyway? Four packs of cigs?

Now before you go getting your jingles in a jangle, you must realize that these questions come from a place of curiosity and concern. It’s just that I see nothing hip or happening about cutting a couple feet out of your dog’s leash and draping it at your side like holiday lights across your patio in the middle of summer. It’s just that it looks like something you could get from the clearance table in the S & M shop at the mall. Meanwhile, the poor dog is left wondering why he can’t reach the garbage pail from the porch anymore.

P.S. If you tether your dog with a rope or chain so you can go masturbate in peace, I will hunt you down and hurt you.

Top Reasons Internet Porn is Better than Strip Clubs

August 26, 2015
  1. strip clubsNorton Internet Security clears viruses without embarrassing antibiotic pick-ups
  2. Keyboard drawers provide a physical-stop preventing over extension of the elbow
  3. “No Touching” rule holds no jurisdiction within my WiFi network
  4. $60 Broadband is less costly than dollar-tucking the drawers of Daddy’s Little Disappointment
  5. There’s no weird looking sauces on the buffet at home
  6. I’ve finally seen the last of Toofless Taffy, the Wednesday matinee stripper
  7. PC never kicks me in the face for sticking my finger in its USB port
  8. The only bouncer at Bargain Babe’s Online is Time Warner
  9. There’s never a “Dressed Code” where the Android roams
  10. As Seen on TV! USB Powered Monitor Wiper Blade